Sunday, 1 November 2009

Winter is coming!

I’ve had my son staying for a week. He lives in Scotland and was pleasantly surprised to see how warm it is down here still. However today it was decidedly colder with quite a snap in the air. Not a nice day for gardening as the wind was very strong and after a small burst of sun rain was imminent. So I went for a walk to the beach. Along the way I saw these berries DSCF0720 strung in one of the trees and looking  just like jewels. I’m not sure what kind of berries they are but have an idea they are poisonous!

Surprisingly with the amount of wind the sea was calm,DSCF0716 although the beach was strewn with debris and seaweed. DSCF0717 Signs of a rough sea previously! There were a fair number of people on the beach enjoying the small amount of sun.

As I walked back up the hill I looked back and liked the look of the trees round the pool with the old cemetery behind them. DSCF0721 Some trees have lost all their leaves and others are hanging on. The oak and hazel trees in the garden are still covered in leaves whereas the blackcurrants and hawthorne have lost most of theirs.

I am still getting beetroot from the garden. The self blanching celery is doing well and useful for adding to recipes. And the spinach is hanging in there. Just waiting for the first frosts!


  1. Lovely photos Val, it's certainly been a day of two halves here! Started out horrible, heavy rain and high winds. Then slowly cleared up, but the winds remain. I've been out in it, didn't need a jacket but I certainly wouldn't want to be out too long without one on!

    I'd be surprised if there are any leaves left on trees at the moment, the cherry next door looked lovely last week with its golden cargo, then the next day it was all gone :(

  2. How lovely to be able to stroll down to the beach when you please. Yes, I think winter is definitely on the way.

  3. There's an award on my blog for you. I hope you will accept it.

  4. Sorry I missed this when you posted it.

    We had many berries a while back but most are eaten now. There are a few shrivelled ones left. No berries for decorations.


  5. Congratulations!

    Your footer is one of the best I have seen.

    My kind of garden...From Puerto Rico, USA...