Sunday 26 February 2012

Back in the garden!

Well I have finally got back into the garden. My new husband isn't a gardener but he's good with lawns! At the moment he is tackling the moss that has taken a hold over half of it! 
The garden is really sad as nothing has been done to it for over two years. So I am now fired up with enthusiasm to tidy and get planting. 

I made a good start today by planting two planters with new potatoes! 

I also did some pruning and gathered up some of the many fallen leaves. The herb garden had a good tidying up and now looks quite bare.  

It needs forking over and weeding now. At the same time as we bought the compost for the potatoes I also bought some seeds and want to grow lettuce, beetroot and more herbs such as dill, basil and tarragon. We have had such a mild winter that the bronze fennel and the ordinary fennel have both overwintered with no problems. 

The camelia is looking lovely and so early!