Thursday 1 March 2012

Sunny and Warm!

How lovely on the first day in March to have no wind and lots of lovely warm sunshine! It was so lovely that I had to spend as much time as possible outside before I had to go to work. Graeme moved a blackcurrant for me which is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Now it is in the sun and hopefully will produce lots of fruit. It is a large sweet fruiting variety so will be a good addition to the smaller fruited varieties.

The birds have been collecting the moss that we have raked up off the lawn for their nests. The magpies have already got a nest going in the Hawthorne tree and are making a continual racket as they wage war with the wood pigeons! The squirrel is their other target!

Lots of self sown for-get-me nots, so there will be some colour a bit later on. At the moment the only thing flowering is the evergreen clematis and the flowers though pretty are fairly nondescript. They are white with purple streaks inside the bell shape which one doesn't see unless one is right underneath the flower. The camelia continues to be a riot of colour with more buds blossoming daily.

Sadly they have forcast rain for the weekend which apart from keeping the potato buckets moist will impinge on any gardening I might do. Oh well back to the sewing machine and the dyeing!

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