Sunday 18 March 2012

Hints of Spring!

At last there are signs of Spring coming. I love Forget-Me-Knots and the early signs of blue flowers are cheering. I love the way some of the flowers are pinky purple as well as blue though I know these colours won't stay when the plant gets bigger and will revert to the normal blue.  

The creeping comfrey has gone completely wild and is everywhere. The flowers are like snowdrops and look most attractive but sadly a lot of it will have to be grubbed up! It is just like ordinary comfrey in that the leaves can be used on swellings and knocks on one's bones to help them heal. 

And I am delighted at the way my blackcurrant cuttings have taken off. They are being hardened off and then will be planted into a larger pot before being planted into the garden. 

The new potatoes I planted in buckets are breaking through the compost and soon I'll have to cover them with more compost. I'm really looking forward to having new potatoes in about twelve weeks time. Yummy! 

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  1. very exciting! Darn - I forgot about the potatoes.