Monday 9 April 2012

Things are Growing!

I managed to get into the garden this Easter before the rains came! The potatoes are doing well and I also planted  some second earlies plus a few main crop

It is amazing as to how much compost these need! So when I was at the garden centre I also bought some herbs. Namely; dill, coriander and tarragon. I planted them into pots and also sowed some seeds thinly around the plants. 

I have a good clump of sorrel growing in the herb garden and think I will have a go at making sorrel soup. I haven't made it before but I have been told that it is delicious! 

The blackcurrants and blueberry bushes are doing well. The new bush that I transplanted is looking healthy and has a lot of leaf on it.

I pruned the blueberry this year hoping that it would encourage it to make more new growth. It is looking promising! 

The blackcurrants around the bird table are doing well too. These are earlies and there is one Scottish variety that doesn't start doing anything until late May! They all have produced a large crop of fruit in the past. 

This planter had chives in it but I have noticed that I have Feverfew (herb) everywhere this year. It makes a very soothing tea though I haven't used it as such. The other self sown plant that is covering the ground is the For-get-me-not! But it is very pretty so I leave it alone!

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