Thursday, 10 September 2009

Berry Nice!

My car is in the garage so I had to walk to work today. A tedious walk along a fairly busy road but with an amazing lot to see! 

DSCF0598DSCF0597DSCF0591 There were small newly formed pine cones peeping over the fence of someone’s garden. And in the verge thistles waiting to shed their seeds everywhere.

DSCF0592 Berries galore and of so many different varieties. These were on ornamental trees planted in the verge and were most attractive. Could they be rowans?

DSCF0594 I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these lovely roses looking over the fence. They had the most delicious scent!

DSCF0596 These white blossoms were in profusion along someone’s fence and looked lovely.


DSCF0603 Holly berries on the variegate holly. Still working up to being red!

DSCF0606 Draceana blossom which is so common around Falmouth at the moment. It has a slight honey like scent and is very attractive to bees.

DSCF0610 Even more berries of a different kind but I have no idea what they are.

DSCF0612 Lovely hydrangea blossoms turning colour. These grow most profusely along the road.

DSCF0614 A lone apple! Whether it was a bad crop or one that didn’t get picked I don’t know. But it looked very edible!

DSCF0616 Very attractive berries growing against a wall. Again this was a very large bush with lots of berries.

DSCF0618 DSCF0619

Views of the countryside on the other side of the road looking across to Maenporth. The cows seem delighted to have some sun!

More berries! These seemed to be extremely juicy and were a bit like yew berries but in clusters.


DSCF0625 I know the name of this berried bush but can’t spell it! And as I don’t want you to laugh at me I’m not going to try!

DSCF0627 I have pink Japanese anemones but I have always wanted white ones as I like them better. They look good against the deep purple of the bush.

DSCF0629 DSCF0631

Lots of rose hips with blackberries and late blooming honeysuckle in amongst them. There were lots and lots and I was very tempted to pick some for rose hip syrup!

This is a view of the allotments on the other side of the road. They have only been going since the spring and yet look as if they’ve been there for ever!


DSCF0644 These berries were most attractive. Earlier in the year the bushes were a profusion of small white flowers.

DSCF0646 I just liked this pot with it’s blue flowers and just had to have a picture. If only mine were as good!

Russion Vine which is a terrible plant for climbing over things to the exclusion of everything else. It looks lovely but is really destructive if not kept in check.


This is tree in our close which is covered in cherries at this time of the year. Unfortunately they are ornamental and not good for eating. Even the birds seem to leave them alone!


And last but not least the lovely changing colours on the tree opposite our house. This tree is a picture in the spring with pink blossom and then in the autumn runs the gamut from green through yellow to red in the leaves. If you are still with me after all this then you might like to know that the walk home takes twenty minutes but longer when taking pictures!



  1. What a difference when the sun comes out!! And what a glorious day!

  2. Charlotte seeing the sun for two consecutive days has made me feel quite alive! And according to the forecast we can look forward to more! Wonders will never cease! Val

  3. So many berries. Signs of autumn. Thanks for chronicling your walk with photos for us.

  4. Can't spell is a cotoneaster. No idea what ANY of the others are.

  5. Berries are fine Valeri, but what gorgeous views of the countryside you have there!

  6. I was reading seven oak's about our bodies being designed for strong activities and it's "berry" nice indeed for you to test out our designed physical properties by walking through bushes and berries.. haha. ~bangchik

  7. I think that would be just a lovely walk! What gorgeous views you have.

    Don't all those berries look scrumptious, even if we don't know what they are?

  8. I enjoyed the virtual walk. You have some lovely views on your way to work.

  9. Thank you all for your welcome comments. And thank you Diana for the correct spelling! I know I would have made a hash of it! :-) Val

  10. What a lovely walk, I thoroughly enjoyed it....the unnamed berries looked similar to what we call Pyracantha (Firethorn) in the States. The birds love them.....and people in rural areas used to use them when decorating for do have wonderful views and lots of interesting vegetation.....

  11. wow berries are looking marvelous. it is a delight to watch those roses which are fragrant as well. in our climate either we see pretty roses with no scent OR ugly roses with intense scent but not both. blue flowers in the container are looking great too. thanks for sharing.

  12. Your walk to work must have taken quite a while as you stopped to take all these shots! I have a good 45 minute walk to work 4 days a week, and I can't believe how much stopping to take a few shots adds to the time.

    The first berries are rowans, and the second hawthorn.