Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Walk to the Beach

Today the sun shone, the lawns were mown and I walked to the beach. It only takes 7 minutes to walk down the hill to Swanpool.DSCF0069 DSCF0038 The sun on the water was lovely and the sea was like a mill pond. DSCF0037 It is definitely autumn with seeds and berries everywhere and the leaves with their autumn colours. I was amazed at how many flowers were still showing their face. I found periwinkle,DSCF0035 self sown sweet peas,DSCF0028 vetch, DSCF0024 Monbretia which always shrieks Cornwall to me,DSCF0078 ragwort which the Victorians introduced to this country and is so poisonous to cattle, DSCF0061 and also some campion DSCF0021 still blooming. DSCF0032 There were blackberries galore but too high up in the hedge to pick more’s the pity!

I love the ferns that grow at the side of the road in profusion. DSCF0036 I am never able to work out the difference between a fern and bracken though the slipper ferns are obvious. DSCF0040

The going back was harder as it is quite a steep hill but I stopped and spoke to the ponies and caught glimpses of the poolDSCF0044 which gives Swanpool it’s name. It is now part of a nature reserve and there are still swans as well as many other water birds.

Some of the trees had lovely red leaves DSCF0070 and there were oak galls and acorns on the oaks plus hawthorne DSCF0063 berries in profusion. DSCF0079 DSCF0077 Columbine was everywhere! The ivy was full of flowers DSCF0057 which were attracting the wasps and the lacy cascades of Old Man’s Beard was over everything.DSCF0072

All in all a lovely walk, although it was longer on the way back,DSCF0041   and lots to look at and remind me of why I love Autumn!


  1. Through Blotanical, I appreciate seasons and I do understand when leaves change color and drop one by one, there is still beauty in Autumn... I wish we could have Autumn too, Val. ~bangchik

  2. Lovely Val, I would dearly wish to be close to the sea, but then I might be in danger of spending all my life sitting and watching the tide come in and go out...

    Our island is such a wonderful place, with so many different types of scenery... Everything except desert or tropical rainforests :D

  3. What a lovely place. Those first three photos are simply gorgeous!

  4. What a nice walk with so many photographs to share. I enjoy experiencing autumn vicariously.

  5. Lovely post Val! I know it well because I used to take my father to The Three Mackerel! He loved to look out over the sea. Makes me want to come back to Cornwall reading your blog.

  6. Oh thanks Val I so miss Falmouth not been since early this year. My husband has a meeting there next week lucky him.

    If you look at my blog there was a post on Falmouth

    and one on Trebah my favourite garden

  7. Only 7 minutes to the beach? Oh how I envy you! Right now we're just waiting for the chestnuts to be ready for harvesting. It's going to be a banner year this year!

  8. How nice to live so close to the sea, and what a lovely walk to get there.

  9. Joanne don't know how I missed these two posts.
    Cornwall can do Autumn quite nicely! I'm hoping so this year! I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
    Thank you for your comments. As always much appreciated. Val