Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Over the Top!

You can imagine what these tiny birds are saying. They are all ground feeders and like to peck about under the bird table for spilt seeds. Not today though!DSCF1943Now the conversation would go like this.

Bird on roof: Come on chaps. Be brave. We can make it.

Bird 1 in house: Not likely! We’d be lost in all that foliage or get stuck in the mud and then what would become of us! DSCF2376

Bird 2 in house: That’s right. Who knows what is lurking under those giant acanthus leaves. Could be the CAT! DSCF2383

Bird 1 in house: Don’t say that word! This is a cat free garden. I hope! DSCF2380

Bird on roof: Oh you are such wimps. I can see loads of seeds just lying there in amongst the grass. I’m going to make a dive for it! If you won’t come just cover my back! DSCF2377

Birds 1 & 2 together: Don’t be such a fool. No one has tackled this part of the garden for weeks. It is officially now a jungle. We are too small. It needs a bigger bird!

Just then down swooped a bigger bird and put an end to the conversation by pushing them all out of the bird house!

Drat those pesky pigeons, could be heard floating back on the breeze!



  1. Lovely post Val, very amusing! :)

    Don't you just love Greenfinches? Do they not visit your hanging feeders (if you have any) Mine normally only go to the hangers, but do also occasionally forage on the ground...

    Not too sure about the pigeon though, but I guess they do a great job of cleaning up any spilled seeds (and of course hoovering up everything on the tables!)

  2. he he he lovely post. i am totally amused.

  3. Liz I love greenfinches. Unexpectedly they love to potter about on the ground as well as hang on the feeders in the tree. And the tits do as well! The pigeons are a god send as they clear up ALL the dropped seed and stop it turning into weeds!
    Muhammad khabbab thank you for your comment. I'm so glad the post amused you! I try!

  4. I thought bird1 is going to say "why humans built such a small house?"

    and bird2 may reply in agreement " yea yea, so tiny even for a cereal bowl"

    Cheers Val

  5. Well Valerie you are lucky to get any birds coming to the garden with all those seagulls around in Falmouth.

  6. The only birds I get in my garden are the sparrows and the starlings. I try to attract different birds with different foods but I rarely see anything else.