Saturday, 12 September 2009

Dyeing in the Garden!

Today was lovely and sunny again. Did I go in the garden and do some weeding? No! Did I go in the garden and start tidying up ready for the winter? No! Did I pick the last few courgettes and the remaining green unblighted tomatoes? No! So what did I do? I did some dyeing!

Since we have had a wooden floor laid down in our kitchen Martin has been very against me doing any major dyeing. No laying out the acrylic boards and dyeing 60 inch lengths of fabric on the kitchen table. No I am restricted to working around the sink. Which is fine but a bit hampering when I want to do larger pieces. So I took it all into the garden and had fun. Here are some views of what I did!






Tomorrow I will press them and see what I have got. Some lovely stripey pieces I hope!


  1. That looks like fun. Messy, but fun. Reminds to make paper again. Also messy but fun!

  2. You must have had fun Val. A real rainbow of colour !

  3. All colors of the rainbow, very cheerful! Saying that, I should admit that I also wouldn't allow to do this in the house. But I bet, working in the garden was much better than inside! How do you find time for blogging?

  4. Nice to play around with color.... Lovely! ~bangchik

  5. Thank you for the comments everyone. It was fun and now I have to press them all! That isn't so much fun except it is exciting to see how they turn out! Val