Sunday, 5 April 2009

More hard work!

Another lovely sunny day! I decided to dig up the Lemon Verbena and discard it as I have obviously pruned it too strongly and killed it off. Either that or it couldn't take the very cold winter we have had. Getting it out was a problem as it has been growing in that spot for nearly ten years, but I succeeded in the end. I kept telling myself that it was all good for the figure and that the chunky Kit Kat I'd just eaten would be used up in no time! I finally emptied the compost bin and it's all ready to start again. Lovely stuff! I have a raised heap where I am going to grow my courgettes and ridge cucumbers. And miracle of miracles I found that the pineapple sage which I thought had had it was actually putting out tiny shoots. So all is not lost!
It's about time I started sowing some seeds such as lettuce and beetroot plus some spinach. Next weekend being Easter there will be more time and I have promised myself a seed sowing session.
And on the stick insect front my husband found another baby one in the garage! Perhaps that is where they over-wintered!

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