Saturday, 25 April 2009

A Blustery Day!

There were terrifically strong gusts of wind during the night which lifted the glass covering the seed trays and blew the garden chair down the alley by the garage! Luckily nothing was damaged and the plants seem to have survived the ravages of the night. Lots of rain which will have done the garden good and saved me from having to water. The apple blossom clematis is just coming into bloom. If it had been in full bloom I think the wind would have blown the blossom to shreds. And I noticed that the rhododendron is also coming into flower. It is a wild one which grows in the Cornish wall/hedge and is a deep purple in colour. It actually produced some flowers just after Christmas when we had a mild spell of weather. It obviously got confused! All the seeds are up, including the courgettes and cucumbers. I shall sow another planting of mixed lettuce seeds this week. At the moment the garden is looking very tidy and weed free. Long may it continue!

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