Saturday, 18 April 2009

Plant Buying

I went with a friend to a near by garden centre today and bought lots of plants. The picture above shows some of them. As well as several herbs including sorrel and tansy, two herbs I haven't grown before, I also bought plants for the hanging baskets. Tomorrow we will plant them up. My husband will do all the hard work filling the pots and I'll put the plants in. I've gone for a purple,pink and yellow display. Hope it looks good! Also I've bought a climbing rose called Marigold. That tells you the colour immediately! It is highly scented and I shall plant it near the house. I put the last climber I bought in the far corner of the garden and regretted it as it has such a beautiful scent which one has to go out of one's way to smell. The weather is supposed to be fine for the next few days so I'll get a lot done....I hope!

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