Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tidying Up!

I spent a bit of time this morning in the garden tidying up and had a very interested spectator sitting on the fence. I don't know how long this particular squirrel has been visiting the garden but we have squirrels regularly visiting. In fact they have been very useful in planting hazel nut trees for me, often in place where I don't want a tree! They have also given me the odd oak, holly and hawthorn. As we have a large oak tree in the hedge already we don't really want another one.

The garden is looking very neat at the moment mainly because everything is small and still tidily contained not sprawling all over the place. The blackcurrants are looking good with lots of blossom. I mulched them well with compost and fed them with blood and bone meal. Hopefully they will continue to do well when the oak, which slightly over hangs them, comes into leaf!

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