Sunday, 12 April 2009

Spring is really here!

It was a lovely sunny Easter Sunday with very little wind and lots of sun. In fact it was quite hot. I spent the morning tidying up the back border and collected a lot of leaves for the compost bin. I then attacked the creeping buttercup which seems to infest almost everywhere along with my other arch enemy Convolvulas. This is a pretty weed with its white tubular flowers but oh such a pest as it twines around everything in sight. It is really hard to eradicate as it runs underground and then pops up in several spots. We then went to the local garden centre and bought some plants and seeds. I have made a raised bed for the courgettes this year and have put two plants in. I'm taking a risk as we could still have a frost but we'll see. I shall also sow some seeds to be on the safe side, along with ridge cucumbers. Today I sowed seeds of spinach, beetroot and lollo rosso lettuce. I bought a parsley plant as parsley takes so long to germinate and the flat leaf variety has more flavour in cooked dishes. And I was lucky enough to buy the last two batches of Cosmos. These flowers make such a brave show through out the summer and I love them. My own compost from the compost bin has loads of egg shell in it which I hope will deter the slugs!

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