Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back to the ravages of the weather!

I had a lovely time away at the festival of quilts and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a bit galling to realise that the lovely weather we had over the weekend was quite common in middle England. Not for this part of the country the constant wet!

The quilts at the show were quite awe inspiring and I came away motivated and full of enthusiasm FOQ 013FOQ 014

(click to enlarge – lovely firework scene and detail)

for getting down  to some serious work. We went FOQ 055

FOQ 047 on the second day and it was crowded but not as busy as the first day. Really one needs to devote two days to the show. FOQ 049 The first for looking at the quilts in detail and the second for shopping!

FOQ 099 I didn’t buy a lot although I spent a fair amount  of money. My biggest buy was fabric paint from a lovely lady called Laura. She dyes and prints beautiful fabrics and can be found here. I had to buy books but managed to restrain myself to three! All of which are about surface embellishment on fabric. I can’t wait to get started!

The hotel was lovely,although it seemed to have a rabbit problem!  Birmingham seemed to very fresh and clean with lots of new buildings since I was last there.FOQ 111 On the way up in the train we passed lots of allotments. Some were really doing well and looked very productive but sadly a few looked quite neglected! Very sad! Lots of apple trees along the track absolutely dripping in apples. And also I saw masses of butterflies on the Buddleia.  I can see why it is called the butterfly plant!

Upon my return I discovered that in four days my garden had fallen by the wayside and was a total mess but more of that another time. I’m just glad to be home and now I’m getting ready for autumn!


  1. We really missed your posts Val, but looks like you saw some wonderful quilts and got away from the rain for a while!

  2. Val - Green with envy that you went to the quilt show - I SO should have gone - (If only to get away from wet wales!)

  3. Glad that you enjoyed the break Val - some beautiful quilts there. Don't say it is autumn just yet - still waiting for summer here :)

  4. Very creative quilts. That must have been quite inspiring.

    Love the one with the fireworks!

  5. Beautiful quilts, I love the bouquet one. I'm another person that is looking forward to autumn although we've had such an unusually dry summer I'll be sad to see the weather change. Last summer was a cool and wet one here.

  6. I am glad you enjoyed the quilt show. Nice to be back in the garden though between the showers. If the SW had less rain and the SE had more we'd have some great weather. I wonder how Dorset and Hampshire do for rain.