Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fruits of the Garden

I was thinking how much I spend on the garden each year and how much I get back. The answer was not a lot in terms of hard currency. Yes, I have covered my costs and more with the amount ofDSCF0331 courgettes and cucumbers  I’ve picked this year. They have done really well in spite of mildewy leaves DSCF0322 and dying foliage. In fact they have to my amazement surmounted all my expectations. I think this might be because this year I planted them onto well fertilised ground and in each hole I put chicken manure pellets before planting the small cucumber or courgette plant. This gave them a good start. Secondly I think that they also did well because I grew them vertically DSCF0008 tying them to canes so that the fruits fell down rather than lay on the ground. This worked quite well though I notice they are leaning a bit now.

The blueberries did fairly well and produced enough fruit for two very nice upside down cakes and one pie.DSCF0339 This covered the cost of the bush I bought this year but I am still out of pocket on the two bushes I bought last year and the year before. I had no blueberries at all from them in those years. But I might end up in pocket over the years if they go on to become large fertile bushes.

The lettuces(these are the last and still taste good in spite of bolting) did well and owe me nothing, as did the herbs. DSCF0277 I think I covered my costs there. Well I broke even at any rate. The beetroots were worth growing too.

The tomatoes have been a dead loss and I am out of pocket.

And the hanging baskets and tubs have been less than wonderful. Some of the flowers did well and bloomed for some considerable time while others bloomed and faded in a day! Or what seemed like a day. Here today, gone tomorrow.

So overall I feel I haven’t done too badly. And also one has to add in on the credit side of the balance sheet the total amount of fun that one gets from actually being in the garden. Planting, weeding, planning and all that goes on from day to day. There is total frustration as well but that is small compared to the delights of wandering round one’s plot and seeing what has grown or ventured forth over night. And there is nothing, quite nothing like picking one’s own food!


  1. I'm sure the costs will soon be covered in subsequent years from growing your own Val, especially if you can compost yourself so you don't even need to buy fertilizer or compost :)

    I think you've done very well, and I do hope you really like Cucumber and Courgette! ha ha.

  2. Our blueberries generally don't really produce unitl year three. I'm quite envious that you were able to have two cakes and a pie already.

    Although it's hard to put a price on it, I figure the exercise gardening provides the the superior nutritional value of the food we raise ourselves also helps to defray the cost of our hobby.

  3. It is good some choose gardening as FUN OUTLET.... Yes, not only the produce should be considered as return of investment... the FUN most of all must not be forgotten.

    Val, if you have zillions of dollars, you may want to consider going to the moon as a FUN thing to do. But night sky watch suffice for now.. haha.

    Happy Gardening,

  4. I am never sure whether I am saving any money by having an allotment - hard to put a cost on all the hours I spend there :) As you say though "there's quite nothing like picking ones own food ! " - could not agree with you more Valeri.

  5. I will never have so many good ideas day not until the day when I'll work in the garden. Thank you for your ideas everyone!