Tuesday, 11 August 2009

This and that!

I’m hopeless at taking pictures. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know what I’m doing so I’m going to buy a book on digital photography and work through the exercises. My macro shots are useless DSCF2220 and I can’t blame the camera as it is a good one! This was meant to be a close up of the lollo rosso flowers! Good shot of the beetroot though!

This is my Passion Flower plant. DSCF0014 DSCF0026 It has the most delicious scent and I do hope it has some fruit. It is covered in blossoms at the moment and I still don’t know where to put it!

Now is the season of the dreaded cabbage white. The nasturtiums are covered in small nasty DSCF2211 caterpillars and lots of eggs. DSCF2216 At least they are being targeted and not the lettuce!

Sadly the last dahlia is pink again! I was so hoping for a different colour but at least it is big and beautiful. It isn’t out fully yet but I think it will be a decorative variety like the others. I’ve got a lovely display of geraniums in a lovely soft pink. Pink seems to be the colour this year! DSCF2226

And last but not least I’m picking loads of blueberries. DSCF2219 Certainly enough for another pie or crumble! I bought cream especially!


  1. Do you know what your macro capabilities are? My digital compacts could get up to 3cm away, do you know what yours can do?

    Also, have you set the camera to take in macro mode - usually you need to switch it to the flower mode (looks like a little tulip)

  2. Yes, yes and yes! :-) Liz I do use the flower thingy and the camera can work up to 1cm on super macro and 10cm on macro. I shall have to read the book! Val

  3. Ah, sounds like you've got everything sorted then... Perhaps you need to set it to supermacro - I know I used to, there was a setting in the menu screens to first active macro, and then another to activate super macro...

  4. I think I need a book too.

    I've been wondering about a short course at the local college.

    I was alright until I changed cameras but I haven't been happy with my photos since.

    I've given up on macro settings and crop instead. And am perplexed by pre-settings. There's even one for food! I don't photograph food but tried it on what I thought might be parallels (distance from face to plate /camera to plant) but that didn't work either.

    My main problem, though, is that the 'life' went out of my photos when I changed cameras and, because I don't know what the words are for explaining this (I can see the lack, very definitely though) I don't know how to ask for advice about putting it right, let alone looking it up in an index.

    I'm hoping the solution will come by chance - one day ! ! ! !

  5. And when you check the screen does the camera's luminous green screen say "I am looking at the pink flower, or isn't that dfhghgh beetroot fascinating?" Happens to me too.

  6. Well I'm obviously in good company here. I think your photographs are superb Lucy. If you can't get it right what hope is there for me! :-)
    Diana that is exactly it! C'est la vie!

  7. Valeri You are too hard on yourself just enjoy your camera. I have been away from my computer for a fortnight apart from the occasional trip to the library but I did take copies of my camera instructions to fill in time although still so much to understand.