Monday, 10 August 2009

My Garden is a Mess! It’s Official!

It has been a week of rain interspersed with two days of fine weather.DSCF0005 I have ignored the garden for this week apart from picking courgettes. The result is that I now have a messy, overgrown garden.

Many of the herbs had finished flowering so I cut them back nearly to the ground.DSCF0001 With herbs such as thyme, marjoram, oregano and lemon balm this is essential as otherwise if left they would become very woody and the foliage would  become straggly. Now I have an untidy bare herb patch. The lollo rosso lettuces have gone to seed. DSCF0013 The cut and come again green lettuces are bearing up and still taste sweet although they are well on the way to bolting! The beetroot is doing well too so altogether this bed has been on the whole successful. DSCF0002

Like every year the courgettes are growing out of hand. To a certain extent they aren’t too bad due to the vertical growing I have made them do but in the last week DSCF0003 due to my lack of attention they have worked a fast one on me and grown out at the rate of knots and are now all over the lawn. The picture is blurry as there was a fine mist of rain when I took it.

The borage is all over the place and the tubs with bedding plants in them look sad. They have an autumn look DSCF0010 about them even though it is only the beginning of August. The tomatoes have browned off leaves and very few ripe tomatoes. DSCF0018 Fortunately I have a good recipe for green tomato chutney! So if they don’t ripen that is what it will be.  The fennel is covered in flowers so I am hoping for a good harvest of seeds. DSCF0016 The lawn needs mowing and I need to weed and tidy up. The dill that was doing so well is now defunct.DSCF0017 I have a horrible feeling that when I dig into the soil in the tub I’ll find vine weevils. That is tomorrow’s job! 

I don’t like this time of year. So often the promise that shows in May and June hasn’t come to fruition and now there isn’t time! It is all a tad disheartening. I have picked lots of blueberries but found that 30% of them had been invaded by small worm like creatures. The grubs of some moth I would presume. They are so small though that it is hard to see them until they have done a lot of damage!

I have got lots of courgettes though and several cucumbers which continue to grow even though the leaves look terrible. So all is not lost!


Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry but it was drizzling and overcast! I obviously didn’t focus well! But you get the general idea I hope!


  1. Oh Val, you've made me feel sad for my garden now too! I may need your green tomato chutney recipe if mine don't ripen either :(

    Only we've barely had any rain and the garden is desperate for some - soil is cracking, we've had a tiny amount today but it's seeminly made no difference at all...

  2. Val, my garden is a mess, too! Mostly, because of neglect over losing Dallas. Otherwise, it's been too many evening thunder You have really been killed with rain, it seems...

    I am slowly getting out of my funk and back to Blotanical. My tomatoes, that I totally looked forward to blogging about in their ripe stage, have come and gone...but I am slowly but surely planting the fall garden. Love, Janet

  3. Now I know why green tomato chow chow was such a favourite of my mom's!

    Your lettuces look great :)

  4. Val, everything will be back in tune and tone soon, I am sure ...
    Happy Gardening, Pruning and Weeding,

  5. Valerie, Don't worry, be happy. Tomorrow the sun will rise again and shower you with sunshine and good luck.

  6. It's very hard gardening in England isn't it Liz. If it doesn't rain enough the ground cracks and if it rains too much everything is swamped. Where is the happy medium!
    Janet I do feel for you. So hard gardening alone after having had a constant companion at your heels. I'm sure your fall garden will be breath-taking!
    Thanks for the kind comment on the lettuce Garden Ms.S.
    Bangchik you are so optimistic. It is good!
    Well Autumn Belle the sun is shining today but tomorrow we are to have rain again!
    Thank you all for your comments! Val