Friday, 14 August 2009


I have a stiff neck so this will be a short post!I love Begonias! They seem to do well no matter what! I haven’t planted as many this year but they have been doing well since the beginning of May and are still blooming lovely! These pictures were taken at dusk.DSCF2267

The pink ones above are bedding begonias as are the red ones below. They just keep on flowering regardless of the rain, the sun, whether it’s cold or whether it’s hot. And until a few years ago I had never considered growing them.


Non stop Begonias which are larger than the bedding begonias. This year I have a salmon pink one but last year I had a gorgeous orangy-yelloow one. I have two self sown plants which have yet to flower. It will be interesting to see what I get! 



White is so hard to photograph! I don’t know what variety these were but the white ones below are bedding begonias. They are all lovely!



  1. I can never decide if I like Begonias or not. I have some of the small ones in a pot and one large yellow flowered one which I bought a few years ago and it keeps coming back. I dont like the bright pinks and oranges or the very large flowers as they are too gaudy for me.

  2. Beautiful Begonias Val. The second photo looks very interesting. I can understand the difficulty taking pictures on white flowers. You can try aiming at an angle against the light, reflections of leaves will make the edges of flowers stand out.

  3. Valeri, the begonias are lovely. I have problem photographing white and bright red flowers too. Can't seem to get the outlines sharply. I'll try Bangchik's idea.

  4. Great idea Bangchik. I'll have to try this.
    Thank you AB for the kind comment.
    Helen I didn't think I liked begonias until I realised that they kept my garden looking colourful. I like the tawny shades best and I love the big non stop varieties.

  5. I like the full frilly begonias Valeri. I agree with you about white being hard to photo. Hope that your neck recovers quickly - I suffered earlier this year and it does make you miserable as well as curtailing important activities :)

  6. beautiful flowers. white begonia is rare here but i love the color. we grow begonia as spring annual here as it does not survive our monsoon rains :(.