Saturday, 2 May 2009

Blackcurrants and seeds!

I was horrified to find that my bronze fennel was covered in greenfly! Fortunately they had confined themselves to this one plant. I had a small amount of spray so I sprayed the plant this evening and hope this does the trick. Otherwise it will be diluted Fairy Liquid in water!
The weather has been a mixture of rain and sun this past week and everything has been growing really well. That is apart from the two courgette plants I bought. One is OK but the other one is barely hanging in there. Too cold probably for it and yet my courgette seeds have all germinated and are onto second leaf stage.
What is doing well are the blackcurrants. They have loads of blossom and look really healthy which is a change from last year when they seemed to have all sorts of problems. Fingers crossed that this will last! Gardening can be so frustrating!

I have been offered an allotment and we are going to walk up and have a look at it tomorrow. It is only a five minute walk away from where I live and as well as being very useful for growing all those vegetables that I can't grow at the moment it will be a source of exercise! I am quite excited!

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