Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Vine Weevils

I really, really hate Vine Weevils. The blueberry that I put into the ground from a pot was looking sad and as I'd found grubs from the Vine Weevil in the pot after I'd moved it I thought I had better check. So I dug it up and sure enough it had the dreaded bugs. Not many of them but enough. So I squished as many as I could see and then I completely washed the roots under the hose and drowned any others plus eggs. So I now had a bare rooted plant which I put into a new hole with some blood and bone fertiliser. I then cut it right back so that it wasn't having to work on all fronts and fingers crossed it might survive. I then watered the old planting place with Vine Weevil killer to be on the safe side. When I planted up the other plant pots with bedding plants I emptied the compost out and used new but I didn't find any signs of the bugs so I'm hoping this is the only one. I had Vine Weevil infestation several years ago and they completely destroyed my Fuchsias. I haven't grown them since. Gardening can be so frustrating!

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