Friday, 29 May 2009

The Weather controls the Gardening!

After all the rain we have had a glorious sunny day and suddenly things are growing! The mint is coming on at quite a pace and as I use mint a lot in cooking and making mint teas this is very pleasing. The peppermint isn't growing as quickly as the ordinary mint but it is doing well.

The lettuces are doing well too. I shall have to thin the salad bowl lettuces again soon. The Lollo Rosso has really benefited from the sun too and soon I'll be able to start picking leaves. I wish the Sorrel was doing as well but it is still just a tiny plant. Instead of buying a plant I should have bought seeds as I can see that one plant isn't going to produce enough! There again I don't know why I sowed seeds of borage as I have self sown borage all over the garden. As I love using the young leaves and flowers in salads this is all to the good. I even found that I had self sown bronze fennel. The fennel is growing into a really bushy plant even though it had a small set back with green fly. I wish I could say the same about the dill which looks a bit battered. Too much heavy rain I expect for such a tender plant. And I am delighted with the fern below. I bought it last year and it did nothing. In fact it died off and I began to feel that I had wasted my money. And then suddenly this spring it has sprung into life. I am so pleased as this is a damp shady corner that gets no sun and is over shadowed by the honeysuckle which is rampant.

The blueberry that was attacked by vine weevils looks very sorry for itself and I don't give it much chance but as it isn't taking up any room I need I shall leave it where it is to see what happens. The other blueberries are covered in fruit and looking good.

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