Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Weather!

We have gone from a lovely hot Bank Holiday Sunday to a miserable wet and windy middle of the week. It was all downhill from Sunday and not the sort of weather to inspire one to be in the garden. The wind this morning was so strong that it was actually blowing the panes of glass off the pots with seeds in them. And this isn't light glass but heavy glass that came out of my front door! I wish I hadn't procrastinated and decided to leave the watering with Miracle Grow because now looking at the plants I really think some of them could have done with a helping hand. Should this rain and wind stop I will be out there getting it organised and done. The wind has done for my lovely pink petunia (see picture below in last post) and not only blown all the flowers off but also broken the growing stems. Gardening can be so frustrating!


  1. The same here Valeri in Cheshire -wet and windy. It is supposed to come good again towards the weekend :) Maybe your petunia will perk up despite the unwanted pruning.

  2. Yep, same here on the Wirral (near Liverpool), the wind was so strong my greenhouse almost took off! EEk!

  3. It's always windy here in Bristol. Nice blog