Sunday, 30 August 2009

All Blogged Out!

Be warned! I’ve got my saddo head on! Since coming back from Birmingham I haven’t had the same enthusiasm for blogging that I had before. This could be because the garden is a mess, it’s still raining so I can’t do anything and I have a pile of other things that desperately need doing. And so I don’t know what to write about!

At this time of the year I have to get ready for a new term of teaching and for that it is necessary to plan some advertising so that I actually get some students. Then I have to make samples so that we have something to make and finally I have to try and finish all the things I started this term! In my dreams I think!

As I have no pictures of the garden here are some things that the garden, when in flower, has inspired! It does have it’s uses!

Anemones done in silk ribbon.anenomes, March

Two small sachets with embroidery and silk ribbon work. silk sachetrose.sachet

More silk ribbon work inspired by one of the gardens in Falmouth.gardengateThis picture was painted on silk and then worked with silk ribbon and embroidery silks. 

Chrysanthemums done in silk ribbon worked into a needle caseneedlecase and a medley of silk ribbon flowers on a covered tidy

I’m also inspired by the surrounding countryside including the sea and it’s environs. Here I have woven some hand dyed fabric and then appliqued and free machine stitched the seaweeds and fish etc onto it.woven sea scene

And last but not least a crazy quilt which is called Crazy About Autumn and showcases appliquéd leaves. It was all done in silks with hand embroidery and beadwork.  I use leaves a lot in my work.

Crazy About Autumn Throw 


  1. Dear Val: Don't be disheartened - we all love your blog and can't wait for the next post. Great pictures!

  2. Thought I'd drop by and return the compliment! I love the chrysanthemums - they are quite beautiful. How clever you are.

    Try not to let the weather get you down - that's what makes gardening such an enjoyable challenge! Johnson

  3. What beautiful things Valeri! Sachets are so lovely!

  4. It is alright to feel bad about things ..., it shows we are being aware of things around us. But we get over it and better each time.

  5. I really love the artwork you create! I hope you had a nice trip and I understand that with rainy weather and the garden being messy it's hard to know what to photograph in the garden. But you sure did a terrific job of making up for it by showing your lovely silk's beautiful Val!

  6. Your work is stunning! I love that blue satchel; the colour is sublime.

    You can blog about this anytime :-)

  7. you should enter these in Emma T's village show
    Its a bit of a laugh and might cheer you up. There is a category for handicraft inspired by th garden etc

  8. I vote for the gate with Clematis, and the anemones. More please!

  9. Thank you all for your encouragement. As always I love getting your comments and really appreciate them! Val

  10. Going to Birmingham's enough to make anyone sad - and I'm a Brummie saying that!

    Looks like you've got a lot to do, so having a blog break's the perfect thing to do :)