Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Longest Day! Need I say more!

Well not really but I will because I find it easy to run at the mouth or actually, finger! The year is now on the downward path and the evenings will start to draw in which is a depressing thought. However I'm not going to think about that! I did nothing today but just sat and enjoyed the garden. It was very hot, not a lot of wind, and so peaceful that I could easily have gone to sleep had it not been for the strident cries of the Magpies every five minutes. The garden was looking good with lots of greenery and emerging flowers in the tubs. All in all it was revitalising. I watered this evening and gave all the pots their weekly feed and feel very virtuous!

A Slipper Fern growing in the back wall.


  1. Oh you've depressed me now, I feel so sad about the solstice! So not only is a sunday evening which suck but now the nights will be getting longer! Arrghhhhh.

    I missed most of the day entertaining my parents for father's day. But just had to go outside and enjoy the evening sun and glorious clear sky and then watered the plants :D

    In all, a relaxing day!

  2. Yes I feel the same way too - it's all downhill from now but trying not to think about it just yet. A most happy summer solstice to you !

  3. I was just getting used to it being light out later....oh, well!

  4. P.S- Val, Unaccustomed Earth has a post today about preventing blossom end rot...Thought you might like to read it! Janet

  5. Liz I didn't mean to depress you. Just think of it as the beginning of summer! That can't be bad!
    Anna I'm with you on that one. Not going to think about it! Glad your day was relaxing too!
    Janet it'll be a while before the evenings are noticeably darker. And a very big thank you for the reading matter. I shall go and source the blog! Val