Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Withdrawal symptoms!No Blotanical!

It was a disastrous day yesterday as I couldn’t access Blotanical at all. Usually the problems are with different pages on the site but this time I couldn’t even get to the site; neither at home or at work. Does this happen to anyone else? It was disappointing as I have got used to reading my favourite blogs and picking interesting posts. It was a bit like having an arm cut off and to make it worse I hadn’t backed up blogs I liked so I was bereft! :-(

In the morning I made an effort and did some weeding and found I had a friend. DSCF0029 This dear little young Robin followed me around within a couple of feet and didn’t seem at all afraid. As I pulled up a weed and moved on, so he was right there looking to see what bugs had been unearthed. The weather was warm and sunny and there was quite a lot of insect activity so he should have found quite a good feast!

DSCF0028  I am waiting with bated breath for these lilies to open. I had about seven originally but now there are only three and I have a feeling that they are all going to be yellow as that seems to be the colour they revert to. They started off as pink and tiger lilyish! And the blackcurrants are still ripening one by one. I might be able to make a pie by the beginning of July if the one’s I’ve already picked haven’t gone bad!


  1. I think Blotanical was down in general, I couldn't access it either!

    Lovely to see your new visitor, I hope to have baby robins at some point, but it is getting a bit late now!

  2. Yes Valeri I had problems last nigh with Blotanical just when i had got my own computer sorted. it takes some catching up if you maiss a day though.

  3. I could not get my fix either Valeri when I tried to long on to Blotanical last night :( However normal service is now resumed ! Robins must have a sixth sense as it never takes them long to appear when I am doing any digging either in the garden or at the allotment :)

  4. LOL yea I had the same withdrawal. I instead turned to watch a couple garden shows tivo had recorded.

  5. Valeri, I often find about lunch time that Blotanical is down but not for very long but Tuesday it was gone all afternoon! Luckily I do have a back up so was able to read blogs though didn't know who had new posts!

    Best wishes Sylvia

  6. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one this happened to! I have now put all my favourite blogs onto Bloglines and then I can see when they update too.
    Anna arn't Robins cute. I don't think gardening would be the same without them!