Sunday, 7 June 2009

No Rain! Boo Hoo!

I woke up this morning to find the sun shining! This was a disaster as I'd been so sure it would rain and give the garden a much needed input of water but no brilliant sunshine and even when it decided to shower a few hours later it was no more than spots! No good at all! So I had to water thoroughly as things like the blackcurrants which are shallow rooted needed a good soaking. And now this evening we have clear blue skies with no rain in sight even though the forecast is for rain. There are places which are getting buckets of rain so why not here!

I started to uploaded the above photos one by one and quickly lost the will to live so I have collaged them. From the top left working across they are; Borage plants from seed which are racing away only because I have so many self-sown in the garden; Tarragon which is going great guns and I gave half of it away because I can't use it all; little courgettes coming on one of my Courgette plants...YES!;beautiful red nasturtiums in one of my hanging baskets; the first sign of a tomato!;apple blossom Escallonia just bursting into flower; a fat pigeon in the bird house; one of the hanging baskets which is beginning to fill out; and last but not least my orange honeysuckle which smells divine.
And now I expect the weeds will grow at the rate of knots so I'll be out there with my tweezers pulling them out almost as they grow. Catch them small and they arn't a problem but leave things like buttercups and bind weed and they put down roots to Australia!


  1. I know you still also must want the rain to continue with your dyeing projects that are so beautiful! It's great when the rain helps us with our chores and disappointing when we planned on it and it doesn't happen. It's weird here where I live, it can be raining on the mainland and not here...Today, it was foggy on the beach on the neighboring barrier island (Assateague Island), but sunny here (Chincoteague Island)...go figure!

  2. Everything is looking good from what I can see on your lovely collage. I like that type of birdfeeder - I'm think I should pick one up.

  3. I am sure it won't be long before you get your rain if I know Cornwall from my many visits the gardens of Trebah and others don't get so luxuriant with a fair share of rain.

  4. Thank you all for your commiserations. I have to tell you that as I write this it is raining. Not pouring but good solid steady rain all the same. Hopefully it will continue for a while. Raingardner it was funny the birds wouldn't use the feeder at all until we moved it into it's present location. They like the trees for cover! Val

  5. Hiya Val,

    We did have rain in Oxon. And how. Our ten rain barrels all virtually empty, filled up in less than ten minutes.

    It also flattened the Campanula persicifolia, brushed all the petals of the Kolkwitzia and turned the wonderful flowers on the Rosa Dortmund a hideous brown.
    Yin and Yang, part of life I suppose.
    Nice to see an English log in the top ten for a change.