Friday, 5 June 2009

Win some, lose some!

I nearly pulled up my Pineapple Sage today thinking it was a weed. On my early morning perambulation I saw, tucked between the Lollo Rosso lettuces and the ordinary sage, what I thought were weed leaves but fortunately for me I bent down to have a closer look and found that my little Pineapple Sage plant which I thought had been killed off by the winter frosts had sprung to life. Pineapple Sage isn't like ordinary sage, not nearly so strong, and adds a delicious taste to lemonade. Especially home made lemonade! A few sprigs and you think you are drinking Pimms except you can still make it round the garden in a straight line! :-)

Then I noticed the Basil seedlings were onto their second leaves. I've had them uncovered at night now for a week and they are doing well. Slow but sure!

And the picture above is of my emerging Sorrel seeds. They are minute but hopefully they will put a spurt on after all this fine weather and grow a bit faster! A cook of note once said that no salad was complete without some sorrel leaves in it. I can't remember who said it but it made sense! I have a larger Sorrel plant in the garden and the leaves are lovely in salad. Quite spicy! So I am now half way round the pots and so far so good. But then I come across the next pot and it is definitely disappointment!

These ridge cucumbers were sown a good fortnight ago and started life under glass but then when the weather got so hot I opened them up but so far I've only got one little seedling and the hint of one, possibly two more. And this out of eight sown. I had the same problem with the first batch sown too. Out of eight I got three plants which are still on the slow side. And the tomato seeds arn't the brightest of the bunch either. Yet the courgettes did really well. As I've no doubt said before....gardening can be so frustrating! But to end on a happy note the Scabious are doing really well as are the self-sown Mimulus.


  1. This is a beautiful pot of Scabious and Mimulus!

  2. Looking good, Valeri. I will have to try Pineapple Sage. I don't think I have ever seen it in the nursery.

  3. Hi I have not hear of Pineapple sage sounds lovely.

    The little scaboius I have growing some years ago i grew them from seed this year it is on my to do list to collect more seed and start off some more.

  4. You must have been pleased that your pineapple sage has made a late appearance. How fortunate you did not pull it up. This year I came across honeydew melon sage at a local farm shop. It is similar to pineapple sage and smells divine :)

  5. Thank you Sandy. I was very pleased with the Scabious this year. Anna I am delighted that the Pineapple Sage made it eventually as it is delicious. Heather perhaps you could find some Pineapple Sage on line? Joanne what a good idea. I'll let some Scabious seed later on and collect the seeds. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Val