Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Oh NO! Not this year too!

I wrote the bit below while at work ready to edit and add photos when I came home. As you will read I was pleased I had three small courgettes. But when I got home and walked around the garden to see how it had faired in the rain I found that one of the courgettes had rotted at the tip! What causes this? I had so much trouble with this last year and it was a hit and miss affair as to how many courgettes I got! The picture below says it all! Firm one end and soggy the other where the flower was. Not fair!


I got up early this morning and watered the pots and seedlings as the weather forecast had been for a fine if not necessarily sunny day. Having made this huge effort to water before there was any sun around to burn the delicate seedlings it was with mixed feelings that I greeted the onslaught of rain later in the morning. I am very pleased as the rain will do a much better job than I can and it has been raining steadily for the last four hours and will probably continue for another four! It did! It has made the roses sway their lovely heads nearer to the ground and the herbs are all awry in their bed, but in general it is doing nothing but good. Tomorrow the sun can come out and the temperature go up and then the plants will really grow.

DSCF0058 Poor Rose battered by the rain!


DSCF0061 Fennel looking very attractive with rain droplets on its feathery spikes.

We are picking all the salad greens now and I have given up buying salads. The Lollo Rosso is doing wonderfully well and the Salad Bowl although overshadowed by the LR is performing well. I have flat leaf parsley and sorrel to add to these two. Plus the thinnings from the seedlings of what the packet called ‘Spicy Salad’ adds a bit of zing. In this mixed bunch the only one I recognise is Rocket.

DSCF0062 What these are I do not know but they sure grow quickly!

I have three baby courgettes but I am resisting picking these until they are a bit bigger. My Gardening Year book tells me to pinch the top out of Ridge Cucumbers when they have seven leaves to let the laterals develop. Well that sounds good but getting those seven leaves is a slow job! Last year I didn’t pinch the tops out, which is probably why I didn’t get a glut of cucumbers. In fact I only had half a dozen from two plants! I am determined to do better this year. There is something quite addictive about picking one’s own food out of the garden!

DSCF0057 And then there were two! Boo hoo!

DSCF0069 Borage getting ready to flower. That patterning on the leaves is the sun! DSCF0066 And last but not least the blueberries are nearly ready for picking. Just a bit of sun and it will be all stations go!


  1. The problem with your zucchini is called blossom end rot! I have had this happen with yellow squash before.

  2. I'm looking forward to my blueberries ripening. Mine are on the way too.

  3. You could try adding some crushed eggshells to the soil when planting out the courgettes as this is supposed to help with blossom end rot (I had it with my tomatoes last year).

  4. Thanks Island Gardner for telling me what it is. And thanks Dawn for giving me some idea as to curing it. Though the compost they are in is my own make and full of eggshells!
    Jo it will be a race between me and the birds as I haven't netted them!
    Note: I'm keeping a list of blogs to names so I will get there eventually! Val

  5. I have had the same problem on occassions with courgette but not on every fruit, I had put it down to wet weather conditions.

  6. Joanne that is what is so annoying. That it isn't every fruit but you can't tell in advance where it will strike! Val