Monday, 1 June 2009

Sweet Woodruff

This is one of the herbs I bought yesterday. Sweet Woodruff was a strewing herb and has very fragrant flowers according to my herb manual. The flowers and leaves can be added to wine to make a very pleasant drink. As well the dried leaf can be used to deter moths and insects in the linen cupboard. And the dried leaves make a refreshing and relaxing tea which can also help with stomach pains! I've never seen it before in a garden centre which is why I bought it as I might never see it again. Apparently it spreads so makes useful ground cover. One to keep an eye on then!
Another of my finds yesterday was this tiny tree basil. It is very strongly scented! I'm not sure how big it will grow but at the moment it has a small stem about four inches high with a ball of leaves on the top. I love basil so this will be a useful herb to have. I'm growing ordinary basil as well but it is still at the seedling stage. This is ready to go on my tomatoes a la Greque! It is called El Greco strangely enough. And according to its label it is a super basil which will go on and on long after seed grown basils have given up!

It has been another lovely sunny day but sadly I had to go to work this afternoon. However I enjoyed the sun in the garden this morning and did a spot of weeding. I do loathe bindweed. No matter how much I pull up there is always more there. I am going to spot weedkill any I find from now on before it drives me mad!


  1. Hi Valeri
    I came across you Greentapestry blog. It was your mention of Falmouth that caught my eye. My daughter has a flat there and so we have had many happy times visiting her and enjoying Falmouth an the beautiful contryside and coast.
    My favourite garden of all is Trebah.

    I see you like me have only recently joined the garden blogging world and Blotanical. it is great to meet another UK garden blogger.

  2. Sweet woodruff performed beautifully in my Chicago garden, but it has only begun to bloom here in California after nearly a decade. I can't really find a reason for this.
    I wanted to leave a comment to send greetings, as well. I'm quite fond of Cornwall, such a lovely area. Cheers,

  3. Valeri, I have often read about Sweet Woodruff and thought I would get some but never have. The tree basil is interesting I haven't heard of it before. I will be interested to hear how you get on with both these plants.

    Good luck with bindweed, I only have a little in one corner of the garden and hoping it doesn't spread. Now we have taken the hedge out I should be able to get rid of it with weedkiller.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  4. Hello, welcome to the gardening blogging world. Thank you for your comment yesterday, I was really down in the dumps. Your garden looks lovely and I look forward to reading more x

  5. Hi Valeri, Great place ya have here. I've thought about getting Sweet Woodruff but haven't so far. I think I'll look for some. I've got to run into town but can't wait to come back and go all through your blog and some of your past posts that I've missed.

  6. Thank you all for your comments.I'm going to try and email you individually but for now just know I appreciate them. Sweet Woodruff is something I had never come across before so it must be something out of the ordinary. I hope it grows well!

  7. Hi Valerie! Last year, I visited my friends and noticed that the whole area under their deck was covered by lovely plant. They dug up several plants for me. Only recently, on Blotanical, I learned that it was Sweet Woodruff. Now, from you, I learn that it's a herb! It spreads like crazy in my garden. The good thing is I planted it where not many other plants survive, under the big trees.I have several pictures with it, blooming, in the post Under The Big Trees. Thank you!

  8. I have drifting beds of sweet woodruff, Valeri ... May wine is a must (steep in good German wine when herb is soft and flowering ... strain and serve with a floating flower and perhaps a strawberry) :0) You will thank me and so will those that stand in line each May for a taste!