Monday, 13 July 2009

Blackcurrant Tart

At last I’ve picked enough blackcurrants to make a blackcurrant tart. I have been saving them up in the fridge and I’m amazed that they have kept so well. These have come solely from the large Baldwin bush and the two smaller Baldwin bushes that I planted as cuttings a couple of years ago. DSCF0001 I will still have some blackcurrants to pick from the other, later, Ben Alder bush. I think that I’m losing berries from this bush to the birds. The strings of currants on the Baldwin, which is an early blackcurrant, are hidden in the foliage whereas on the Ben Alder they are much more prominent. Next year I will have to seriously think about netting them. For the moment I shall just enjoy my tart!DSCF0004 This was a very easy tart to make. Just a layer of pastry on the plate topped with the blackcurrants and 1 tablespoon sugar; then a lattice layer which I brushed with egg and sprinkled sugar over. Bake in a hot oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Then serve warm with cream! Quite delicious!

Soon I should be able to think about making blueberry pies as one bush is almost ready to pick!  



  1. Ok, that's just not fair! I'm hungry now...

    None of ours are large enough to harvest really, I've allowed bramble to grow but I don't expect anywhere near enough to actually make into a pie - Next year perhaps!

  2. Liz could you not mix what you have with another fruit to give you enough for something? Val

  3. Looks lovely and tastey, so nice home grown and home made.

  4. What a beautiful tart. I love baking. After reading this post, I may have to bake a blackberry cobbler. In California, blackberries grow wild everywhere.

  5. That looks delicious! It's so much more fun eating foods we grow in our garden, they always look prettier too :)

  6. It looks wonderful, I'm drooling! I don't know a thing about currents or growing them but you have really piqued my curiousity! I know I won't grow them in 'this' yard, but if I ever move to a hospitable environment for them, I'll certainly consider it;-)

  7. It looks delicious.
    My blueberries are starting to ripen so I think I'm going to make some blueberry muffins with some of them.

  8. Anna it was very nice!
    Red Studio blackberries grow wild here too and I often go along the hedgerows picking them in the autumn. These were black currants though which arn't the same. They are more like blueberries whereas blackberries are more like raspberries.
    Catherine you are so right. Homegrown food has a magical taste about it!
    Jan blackcurrants are easy to grow and easy to propagate so do have a go if you get the space!
    Jo, good thinking, I hadn't thought of muffins for the blueberries!
    Thanks for all the comments. They are lovely!

  9. Hi Valeri, thanks for your comments on my blog. I've been very slow getting to reading yours, and now that I'm here there's so much of interest that I'll have to keep coming back to catch up with what I've missed!

    What a delicious looking tart. I just made jam with my blackcurrants - I had to pick them all at once because the pigeons had started their ravages, and I couldn't be bothered freezing them. Besides, I love blackcurrant jam!

  10. Oh my, does that look delicious!!! I can't think of anything I'd rather have a taste of at this moment :)