Friday, 24 July 2009

I am so fortunate

to live where I do. This is the first week of the school holidays and already the visitor count has gone up. On hand are lovely safe beaches, good coastal walks, fantastic scenery, interesting historical buildings and wonderful gardens.

DSCF0057This is my nearest beach, just five minutes walk away. It’s downhill on the way there but uphill on the way back which is a shame!

DSCF0011This is one of the satellite dishes at Goonhilly Earth Station. It is not as fully operational as it once was but has a very good visitor centre.

DSCF1292 This is Porthleven harbour which is a small fishing village on the south coast. It is a very popular spot with tourists.

DSCF1350 Cornwall is full of old engine houses from the tin mining that was all over Cornwall in the last few centuries. Sadly the industry has collapsed and all that remains are these ruins.

DSCF1359 A year for foxgloves. I didn’t have any in my garden this year. Usually they are self sown but I have noticed some coming so next year I’ll have some.

close up biodomes 2 The Bio domes at the Eden Project. This is a fascinating place to visit and is one of the most popular visitor places.

foliage with flowers at Eden hut at Eden

inside Eden Just a few pictures from inside the Eden project. The hut was part of an enclosure representing the far east with its temperature and plants. Below are mangos.

mangoes 2 mangos at Eden

more sailing dinghies MylorDSCF0053 Sailing is very popular here. These are boats on the River Fal. This picture on the left is the Carrick Roads which is a wide part of the estuary leading up to Trelissick House which has great gardens and a craft gallery. The other picture is of the harbour. DSCF1713

DSCF0027 These two pictures are from inside Pendennis Castle which Henry VIII built to stop the Spaniards attacking the town. There is another castle on the opposite side of the estuary at St Mawes and these two castles protected the mouth of the river.

DSCF0073 Old mining town of Redruth complete with statue of miner!

So it may rain more than the sun shines here but I think I live in a very good spot!


  1. Hi Valeri! You live in beautiful place!

  2. Valeri
    I have got so behind with looking at posts and was so pleased to see this my favourite beach ever.

    I love Falmouth it is not like any other holiday town because it is also a living town with thriving dockyard business and university town. It has so much going for it and you are truely lucky to live there. Anyone reading your blog must visit if ever they go to Cornwall.

  3. I visited Cornawall and Devon a long time ago. Have good memories of it. Must do when in the UK again. Heard so much about the Eden project too.

  4. Wow. You ARE lucky!! I need to figure out exactly where you are - we hope to plan a visit to the UK next year. The beach looks perfect.