Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quick! Catch it!

I saw the sun today! I did, really! It kept coming out from behind a cloud and encouraged me to weed the front of the blackcurrants. I still have to get in behind but that is a much bigger job and I didn’t have time for it today.

Not only did I see the sun but it was warm and although still windy it was much less than yesterday. This has helped the garden grow. The dahlias DSCF0015 are looking magnificent! Something is eating at the flower petals but I haven’t been able to catch it. The flowers still look OK so I hope I find the culprit before it does too much damage. The self sown nasturtiums look superb against the borage.DSCF0025 I love blue and orange as I think I’ve mentioned before. They are complements so it is not so surprising that they go well together. The borage is having a hard time standing up in the breezy weather. More tomatoes are ripening and the courgettes are still providing pickings. Something has eaten half my dill! Well either that or the young plants have rotted off. Does this happen to dill? I bought a dill plant earlier this year and that too rotted off after being in the ground for a week or two! Most disappointing. The blueberries are looking really yummy and I picked four today! DSCF0016 Not a lot but over time they will add up; just like the blackcurrants.

The bedding begonias in a pot are doing well and like being in a semi shaded position and the self sown nasturtium is climbing up the hazel. A young blackbird has just taken a bath in this picture. It is funny watching them as they fight over who will go first just like children!


And tomorrow, will the sun be here again? I shall keep my fingers crossed!


  1. lol - we had rain forecast for all day to-day - but we had a glorious bright and breezy day.
    Tomorrow - well who knows - certainly not the folk who forecast the weather.

  2. The sun will always be here or there...., but the clouds are playing tricks. ~ bangchik

  3. Thanks for visiting my garden... I too have blueberries and just came in from harvesting a quart... tons of birds out there eating the uncovered berries. We have had too much rain and not enough sun this year too... hopefully it will change for us all soon. Nice to meet you this way. Carol

  4. Hi Valeri I am working backwards tonight. Glad you got some sun we have had thunder and heavy rain as well as sun today in Surrey.