Monday, 6 July 2009

Under the Weather!

Rain, wind, more rain, even more and gustier wind, followed by . . . yes, you’ve guessed, even more rain! And to cap it all I’ve got a stiff neck which is making me most miserable. I think I got it crawling around under the blackcurrant bush, Baldwin, picking the last few blackcurrants. The paucity of the currants has to be seen to be believed. DSCF0021 I have actually managed over the last two weeks to get the magnificent weight of 5.5 ounces! Well I suppose I can just about make a plate tart, especially if I augment the blackcurrants with some blueberries. All this from one bush! Wow! There is still one bush to go. The Ben Alder is later than the Baldwin and is only just beginning to colour up! It has more strings of berries on it so I am hopeful for at least 7 ounces!

DSCF0083 But I certainly won’t be crawling around picking them until my neck stops being stiff and I feel less like a wooden puppet! With the weather as it is I don’t see them ripening for at least ten days or even longer!


  1. Hope your neck feels better and the weather clears up. We finally got sun here in Massachusetts, US. We had 4 weeks of almost straight rain. -Jackie

  2. I empathize with you on the rain woes. We've been getting soused ourselves, and while I can't complain (everything is green and the water bill will be zero), it breaks my heart to see all of the little persimmon fruit whipped off the branches or witness the rest of the veggies wanting for a bit of warmth and sun! Every time the sun comes out I swear I can hear a chorus of hallelujahs out in the garden!

  3. So sorry to hear about all that rain- I know just how you feel as I am from Portland, OR! We've been pretty hot here for a while and it looks like we'll get a break this week complete with some rain.

  4. Rain and thunder here today but I am enjoying the less humid conditions. Hope that your neck soon improves - you have my sympathy as I have suffered in that area a few times. Is it a bad year for blackcurrants ?

  5. I hope your neck feels better soon!

    Amazing amount of blackcurrants, we got one this year, only four currants on it - were already on it when we got it. So I expect results like yours next year!

  6. Hi Valeri
    such a shame about the amount of blackcurrants. Is this their first year? If so, then it will probably improve next year. If not, are you pruning as you go? I tend to cut the whole branch with fruit on rather than pick the berries - that way I get to do two jobs together, and don't forget about the pruning later. (You can tell I've done that before, can't you?)
    P x

  7. Thank you all for your comments. The rain seems set to continue with sunny interludes and still the wind blows!
    Pam they have been pruned but they are still young. Possibly only three or four years old. And last year they suffered with some leaf blight or other. So I suppose I mustn't grumble.
    Thanks Liz and Anna. The neck is getting better as I write.Liz I expect you'll get loads next year once it becomes established.
    Jackie I hope the sun stays for a while!
    Hopefully Rowena the weather will improve for the rest of the summer.
    Tessa I hope you get the rain you want.

  8. We have been waiting for light drizzle to bathe the grass..... Lilies are blooming in reaction to the previous drizzle... Rainy day is definitely a resting period for gardeners like you and me, to mend sore limbs.....
    ~ bangchik

  9. I hate to say this, but it has been so dry here lately! I hope you dry out soon and that your neck feels better! Janet

  10. Hope your nck soon feels better.