Saturday, 25 July 2009

Not everything in the garden is lovely!

I had my usual amble round the garden this morning and to my horror found that there were things going awry! This rose below is being eaten by something nasty. I remember reading about semi-circular holes in the sides of leaves but can’t for the life of me remember what insect it was that made them! Duh!


And on the same climbing rose I found a new shoot growing up extremely vigorously. But is it a new shoot or is it a sucker. The two pictures below show it. Unlike the rose this new shoot is exceptionally bristly; covered in thorns. And it comes from the original rootstock. So do I yank it off or what? I know very little about roses!

DSCF1989 DSCF1990

I think this is mildew on my courgettes. I pulled off the really badly affected leaves but wonder if this is the beginning of the end! Not fair as I’ve been so careful about watering them. It’s all that rain!


And a couple of the tomatoes that were ripening fell onto the patio. One of them had blossom end rot! Just what I need. I looked at those still on the plant and they seem OK at the moment!


On to happier things. The hydrangeas are looking lovely DSCF1985and beginning to turn from pinky blue to turquoise. The Cosmos continues to do well and I am dead heading daily. This beeDSCF1997is obviously having a good time! And the self sown Mimulus in with the parsley looks great.DSCF2004 I meant to pull it out and forgot it but they look really good together. Sometimes things work well!


  1. I understand your angst on the buggies in the garden. They are finding us too :(

    I wonder if your semi-circles are from the leaf-cutter bee? If so, I understand they are a good pollinator. I think I might be inclinded to cut those suckers off the rose - they don't look like canes to me.

    I must say, your mimulus and parsley are a perfect match! :)

  2. I agree, it looks like the leaf cutter bee has been visiting your rose bush! It doesn't look that bad!

  3. Snip off that shoot from the rootstock, otherwise it will kill off the top rose. Get some copper spray for the powdery mildew, or if you aren't organic you can get some of the rose systemic chemicals.

    And eggshells for the tomatoes - and more regular watering. :) I need to get on my deadheading...

  4. I'm amazed how quickly things can go downhill in the garden. I didn't go outside for a few days because of rain and found so many problems today. I not sure what is eating your roses. I've never seen anything like that before. -Jackie

  5. Valeri dear, that's the ups and downs of a gardener's live, I guess. Just to let you know, I enjoyed your post today.

  6. I've got the start of mildew on my courgette plant too. It's since I moved it out of the greenhouse.

  7. My vote is also for the "leaf-cutter bee" They are still a positive assest in the garden but the "cuts" are annoying .. I have them too, here in my garden, in the Great White North ;-) ..
    I would rather deal with them , then the horrid monster aphid population that can multiply amazingly in hours .. now they are disgusting and make me crazy !
    Pretty pictures Valeri !

  8. Thank you all for your comments. They are most welcome!
    AnnF I have rushed out and snipped off the offending stem!
    I think those who thought my leaf eating was the work of leaf cutter bees are right. It isn't bad and also like Joy I too hate the monster aphid population that invades behind one's back!
    It's raining again so we will see how it goes!