Thursday, 30 July 2009

Taking Pictures!

I am so pleased that I was able to upload a video yesterday. However that was the tip of the iceberg. I still have oodles to learn about videos, not least of which is editing!

The first digital camera I owned was a Fuiji Finepix 4900 with a 6 x Optical Zoom. DSCF2075 DSCF2079 It was a super little camera and took amazing pictures. Unfortunately the video on this camera  didn’t have sound. So I didn’t get into making videos. Then the camera decided to go wrong. The button for choosing the mode worked randomly and seldom in picture taking mode. It was going to cost me an arm and a leg to get it mended so I bought another one.

As I’d been pleased with Fuiji I bought that make again. This time a Finepix S9600. A lovely camera with 10 x Optical zoom and sound on the video! camera2 What more could I want? Well this is a large camera and not easy to carry around all the time. So I bought a small Fuiji camera to keep in my handbag. So often one sees something to photograph but has no camera. This one is a Finepix J50 with 5 x Optical zoom. DSCF2076 Not a lot but adequate for my everyday needs. And tiny!DSCF2077

I can highly recommend all these cameras. The pictures they take are wonderful. Yes I am talking about all of the cameras. Because as soon as I bought a second camera the first one decided to work again! The following are some of the photos I’ve taken using the zoom or macro facilities.




Using the zoom!



I’d be really interested to hear what camera you have and why you like it!


  1. Mine's a Fuji too. A finePix 2800 to be exact, with a 6X optical zoom. It's a little bulky to carry around, but so easy to work. It's got to be for me to be able to use it.

  2. For years I always had Olympus compacts and swore by them, sadly mine has been stolen by my brother and it's been living in China for almost a year now, so no video footage for me!

    When I moved onto DSLR's I did want to stay with Olympus but the reality is their lenses are more expensive than Canon or Nikon and there are also fewer alternatives to the brand names... So I moved on to Canon.

    Now to be honest it's more about the lenses, and I would never be without my 100mm macro.

  3. Jo they are bulky arn't they but so simple to use. It would help if I could spell the name right! :-)
    Liz you sound very very knowledgeable. I shall know where to come when I want advice on lenses! Val

  4. Valeri, you are getting better with the gadgets now. We gardeners really love to take pictures of our garden and this is the way to go. I'm still using a handphone camera 2.0 megapixel and an old canon 3.0 megapix that go on and off and on and off as I am taking pictures. Shame on me here.

  5. Hi Valeri! I have a Canon ixus 60. Very small, thin and easy to use. It is old model but I still like it. Last Cristmas I got Canon EOS 1000D, but I'm too lazy to learn how to use it.

    Happy weekend!


  6. Val... I started off with Zenith SLR during students days. Then a Canon, then an Olympus and now a Sony. The earlier ones are antiques now.

    So much freer now with digitals.., we can round shooting and shooting with the choice of editing and enhancing... freedom!

    Have Fun Val,
    ~ bangchik

  7. I have a Fuji Finepix F200EXR which I bought a couple of months ago. I'm really pleased with it but still have lots of functions to try out on it.