Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Losing the will to live!

I have been trying for over an hour to insert a video. I give up! Well at least for the moment! So instead of the post I intended to write I shall just show you a before and after picture!

This was my garden DSCF0001 in March before I planted up my herbs and courgettes. And this is what it looks like now! Over crowdedDSCF0043 and overgrown! I really didn’t envisage it like this!

Perhaps tomorrow I might get lucky and insert a video!


  1. Amazing Val! I would never have thought it was only a few months old!

    Nature never ceases to amaze me...

    What's happening with the video? Have you tried uploading it to something like photobucket and then linking to it in your blog?
    (all my images are kept in photobucket and I link to them, uploading images straight on to blogger doesn't always work and it used to annoy me so I gave up trying.)

  2. Valeri, your post title make my heart miss a bit. But when I saw your lush green plants, I thought to myself, Yahoo! that's what I want my plants to look - very healthy and fertile.

  3. Squash (courgettes)always have a way of taking over and making everything look so lush. I love them though. I tried putting a video in blogger once and gave up... I know how you feel.

  4. Val..., but your garden is brimming with lives... healthy and full of zest!
    Congratulations and hope you get on top video thing...
    ~ bangchik

  5. It's amazing how everything can change in the matter of a few months. You've got very healthy plants with a zest for life.

  6. Valeri, when I read you title I looked out the window at the rain and thought 'I know that feeling'! Wrong again! It is tipping it down with rain here, really heavy and forecast to last all day. Glad I am at work but I would like to get some gardening done, a bit of dry weather and time coming together would be nice.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  7. Liz I use Live Writer to upload my blog posts. The video link on that is c**p! Blogger worked OK but then when it was all done said there was a problem and wiped it all! I WILL succeed!
    Autum Belle sorry I gave you a turn! It's a favourite expression of mine when things aren't right.
    EM (sorry forgotten name!) it's nice to find someone else in the same boat. I don't feel so stupid now!
    Bankchik and Jo thank you for the nice comments!
    Sylvia it is tipping down here as well and has been since three o'clock this morning! Weather for ducks!
    I really appreciate all your comments!

  8. hi there,
    Have u tried Viddler to upload your videos, it appears easy to do if you follow their instructions. I look forward to viewing. It's so much to get use to the camera all the addages. The growth is amazing with the garden. Take care : )