Wednesday, 29 July 2009

An experimental video!

This isn't anything special. There is no plan, no director in the background pointing out good shots, and not necessarily good viewing BUT it is an experiment. If it works I will promise to get better!

And on a happier note it has stopped raining - for the moment!


  1. Video! You did it! Congratulations Valeri!

  2. Welldone on getting it to work Val :)

    Everything certainly looks nice and lush after all the rain you've been having!

    Today has pretty much been very soggy although not half as bad as the severe weather warning had made out! I'm amazed to see how much things have grown with that extra rain.

  3. Well Done!!! It's still raining here in the Sunshine State, Florida!!!

  4. Valeri dear, let me guess. Based on my observation of the video play, it is quite windy there and you are pointing the camera out of a window. Right? You know what? I like to snap photos looking out of my window. I try to imagine it is called a 'picture window'. It is nice if I can look out of my window and see beautiful plants and flower in bloom. Better still with bees, butterflies and birds added in.

  5. I have just figured out how to make videos on my camera. Now, I need to learn how to post one. I'm thinking it could become addictive. The 3 I've done are not so good, but I'm seeing changes I can make to get better at it.

    I'm glad you got some rain, but that it finally stopped.

  6. Sue something I found out about uploading videos is that it takes a long time so the longer the video the longer the time. This one was about 18mb and quite short. Blogger will only let one upload 100mb but hey, that would be one long video!
    Thank you for your comments everybody. They are much appreciated and also I have to tell you that we are having a sunny day today! Hope it goes your way Liz!