Friday, 31 July 2009

Times Revisited!

Having written about my cameras I thought it would be interesting to look back in my other blog Dyeing2Sew and see when I bought it. Well it was at the end of April 2007 and this is what I posted:

I've been having such fun with my new camera! It is HUGE! Bigger than my old one. The zoom works beautifully and so does the macro facility. Most of the pictures I've been taking I've used the Auto facility but I have been trying out some of it's other features. Here are some examples:

This is Wallflower called 'Patchwork' which smells delightful. Picture was taken on the macro setting. I’m still not that good with macro pictures!

This is zoom picture  taken at night. This is a lovely Begonia I have in a stone pot. Eventually the flowers will grow and hang over the edge more.
Normal everyday picture of my herb pots taken with Auto facility. The Begonia from the picture above is the small yellow blob in the centre!

You can see a slight difference in today’s garden and the picture above. In the picture above my Rose of Sharon was big and bushy above the square stone pot. I cut this right down and moved it and it is doing really well. I moved it and the rose behind the lavender to the garden on the left in front of the wall. In this picture there is nothing there. And the herbs have all been planted in the herb bed in front of the kitchen window. Notice how small the bronze fennel was! Also note the obelisk in the back left hand corner. How clear it is! Today it is covered in clematis and that corner is lush with honeysuckle and my pink climbing rose. I tried growing bamboo there in the corner as it was damp but it didn’t take. Now I just have a fern there which is doing really well. It is really interesting to look back a couple of years and see how things were!


  1. Valeri, you are really having fun with your new camera now. I am turning green with envy!