Saturday, 11 July 2009

Rain All Day!

It has rained all day today. The garden is soaking and now the wind is getting up. Earlier it was quite warm and humid; good growing weather but it has turned cold again. Nothing has been done in the garden at all. So a very short post today!

A couple of years ago we went to Llanhydrock with my son and his girlfriend and I was very impressed by the formal rose garden rose garden lanhydrockand the meticulously shaped trees. Llanhydrock is a fascinating place to visit.   Lanhydrockdoorway lanhydrockI had lots more photos but managed to lose them when my computer was formatted! Most annoying!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had rain all day - we've just got it in the past half an hour!

    Lovely photos, it looks like a wonderful place! :)

  2. What a shame that rain stopped play. Here it was better than the forecast and did not arrive until early evening. Grey and breezy this morning but it may brighten up. Llanhydrock looks a most interesting place to visit. You will have to return to take more photos :)

  3. We have finally been having some rain so at last i can do some much needed housework or play with my computer.